18/Nov/2018 - "Revelações" is now available for sale, signed by the author and at a special price. This holiday season surprise someone with a unique book! We ship internationally at a discounted rate.

7/Nov/2018 - The exhibition "Cardoso Pires by Eduardo Gageiro" opens tomorrow, and will be open until the 30th of December, at the Palácio Galveias' library, in Lisbon. This exhibition is inserted in a series of homages being carried out by the city of Lisbon to the late Portuguese writer José Cardoso Pires. No entry fee. More info at Lisbon's Municipal Libraries' website (in Portuguese).

27/Out/2018 - New addition to the portfolio: id: 333. This photograph is the only one by a Portuguese photographer to be part of the House of European History's permanent exhibition, in Brussels, since 2014. This project, created by the European Union, brings together the most important historical documents related to Europe, and tells the history of the Old Continent by showing them to the public. Visit them by clicking here

19/Set/2018 - "Silences" (special edition) now on sale. See more.

28/Ago/2018 - Bugs in the subpages "Buy" and "Books" fixed.